Hi! Thanks for checking out my blog. My name is Erin Lynes and I am a dog lover, dog trainer and dog breeder in Quesnel, British Columbia. My favorite breed is the Labrador Retriever and my favorite dog related activity is hiking. The dogs and I compete in a variety of sports and our home property, known as Eromit Acres, is home to a full size agility ring and competition dock diving pool. Dogs are such a big part of my life!

When Covid struck, things got weird, right? We had no dog trials to go to, couldn’t visit with friends and family, and I needed a distraction. So I took up a hobby…. making collars and leashes out of biothane!

At first, I was just tinkering and making cute stuff for our dogs, but then people started asking me to make items for their dogs too. And thus, the Cold Wet Noses brand of biothane gear was born!

Check out the rest of the website to see what sort of options are available. I love doing custom orders so look for the order form if you want something one-of-a-kind for your unique pup!

Erin and Verona

Read more about Erin’s Labrador Retrievers here.

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