My 5 Favorite Dog-Themed Podcast Channels

Podcasts for dog lovers- there are so many great ones that it was hard to narrow it down to just 5. I love listening to podcasts while I drive, while I’m cleaning, or otherwise have a moment to absorb some learning. Sometimes I’ll play a podcast for our baby puppies to give them a chance to learn via osmosis (okay- that’s not a scientifically valid method of dog training, but it does provide a chance for them to hear a bunch of new voices and sound effects while they are napping.) Be sure to subscribe to each of these interesting podcasts- and let me know in the comments about any of your favorite channels that I should check out!

  1. CogDog Radio: This podcast by Sarah Stremming is filled with all kinds of interesting interviews and topics by Sarah herself, regarding dog behavior and training, as well as some veterinary and ‘life with dogs’ types of interviews and discussions. One of my favorite episodes from this weekly podcast is this chat about Hypersocial dogs- dogs that are WAY too excited and over friendly with either people, dogs or both! I’m sure you will learn something interesting from this episode:

2. Here is one for my agility enthusiast friends: the Bad Dog Agility podcast! First of all- if you haven’t checked out the Bad Dog Agility website- go do that now HERE. This site by Sarah and Esteban Fernandezlopez has not only their agility training and analysis themed podcast, but also all kinds of other stats about AKC agility, national and world level events, lesson plans, and subscription based instruction!

This particular episode hit home for me and I think it applies to everyone who gets a new puppy, whether the intention is for the puppy to be a pet or future competitor. We all have expectations of how we think the puppy will be and it’s important not to let our expectations get in the way of reality!

You can find this episode HERE.

3. Pure Dog Talk is a channel that discusses all kinds of very interesting topics from health and genetic research to dog showing, breeding related topics, and much more! There is a purebred theme to many discussions but I also found a lot of the episodes apply to every day dog owners regardless of breed. Here is one that features an interview between the host, Laura Reeves, and Dr. Marty Greer on the topic of Veterinary Ethics and building a relationship with your vet. I think having the right vet for your pet, and learning how to make that relationship work in everyone’s best interest is SUPER important for all pet owners! Click HERE to check out this episode.

4. Ready to nerd out on training? You need to subscribe to Hannah Brannigan’s “Drinking out of the Toilet”. Sometimes the podcast is a monologue on various in depth training ideas, other times Hannah will invite training gurus to discuss specific topics in their area of expertise. If you are even moderately excited about dog training, you’ll find something to love on her channel. This episode on Five Counterintuitive Training Hacks has some pretty brilliant ideas that are sure to help any trainer. Click HERE!

5. Okay, if you know me this last one really isn’t all that surprising, as I love everything from the Fenzi Dog Sport Academy- but the podcast is excellent. It varies- sometimes a weekly episode will feature a teaser for an upcoming class. Sometimes it’s a philosophical discussion between vets and or behaviorists or trainers. Sometimes it’s just pure gold training advice on a specific subject. There is a little bit of everything dog with a positive, upbeat spin.

Episode 90 is one that I thought was particularly helpful and could be applied to a lot of dogs- entitled Dogs With Noise Sensitivity, with Dr. Amy Cook. If you have, or have ever previously had, a dog who is even a wee bit worried about certain noises (or maybe all noises!) this one is for you. Click HERE!

What podcasts do you subscribe to? Are there any other good dog-themed ones that we need to add to our list?


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