The Top 5 Youtube Channels for Positive Dog Training

There are all kinds of resources available for dog training online. Here are my favorite reward-based Youtube training channels!

Donna Hill – Donna has an amazing assortment of instructive videos; some of these are ones I share on a very regular basis! Her videos span all kinds of topic from basic pet dog skills, to behavior problem resolutions, to body awareness training and service dog work. One of my favorites from her collection is the Look At That video, for teaching dogs to focus on their handler and to combat reactiveness.

Dog Training by Kiko Pup is a super useful channel filled with step by step videos demoed and narrated by trainer Emily Larham. Each of her videos shows how to use positive reinforcement training to teach a specific skill or solve an issue. She has a particularly excellent playlist that is helpful to new puppy owners:

Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution – I love the energy and enthusiasm of Zak as he describes ways to make living with your dog easier and more fun- for both you and the dog! There are some really great tidbits in his videos and a little bit of something for everyone. A video that I recently discovered that has been helpful for some of my students is a video that talks about how to deal with a resource guarding puppy:

Susan Garrett– Susan is definitely best known for her dog agility training mastery, but she has some really great online material available on youtube for all dog owners. Susan is terrific at figuring out ways to make every day frustrations trainable. This video is full of tips for dealing with fear of fireworks, which is a very common worry!

Training Positive – This is a channel that I recently discovered and have found really useful. All kinds of interesting how to videos using a real live untrained puppy for demos! One that I’ve been sharing is this one, which teaches a baby puppy to retrieve using shaping:

Pam’s Dog Academy– Pam has a diverse array of videos that cover a lot of dog training topics from life to sport. Because every dog needs to know how to stay, here is a full play list of stay-training tips!


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